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Most Useful Garden Tools From The Comfort Of Your Patio Furniture!

Most Useful Garden Tools From The Comfort Of Your Patio Furniture!

Gardening is an amazing pass time. If you are new to it, you might be wondering what tools you need. Even expert gardeners must make sure they have the right toolbelt. 
If you are looking for a list of the most useful garden tools, then you are on the right page! From the comfort of your garden furniture, read through the article and acquaint yourself with the best gardening tools.
Let’s get started.
Some Of The Most Commonly Used Garden Tools 
Someone highly passionate about gardening would use their own garden toolkit with the intention to cater to a variety of purposes. However,  let’s take a look at the most useful and must-have garden tools.

Hand Trowel 

A hand trowel is a very important gardening tool that’s used in planting, potting and transplanting. While you buy a hand trowel, check for a strong connection between the blade and the handle and a solid yet comfortable grip on the handle. Hold it and make sure you feel comfortable and it gives you optimal control.


A garden hoe is a highly sophisticated gardening tool that comes in multiple varieties to serve diverse uses. Primarily, the Dutch or Draw hoe is used, which is very resourceful when preparing beds for weeding or planting. Besides, you could use it to edge your lawn, cultivate your soil, and do numerous other gardening activities.


If you have a huge garden, moving around carrying the tools or other items might seem exhausting. A wheelbarrow could simplify your job. Lump all your gardening tools, or any other plants you want to move, and transport the stuff conveniently to any other section of your garden with this awesome device. 


When it comes to leveling the ground, a rake is the first tool you think of. The rake helps in making the ground even by removing stones, leaves, etc., and prepares it for planting. The core idea behind using a rake is to make the ground surface smooth and plain, by gathering dried leaves and debris. It’s a great idea to use a combination of rakes, for instance, a lighter one for covering large areas to collect leaves and a relatively heavier one for working on a stony, hard surface.


A shovel is one of the key gardening tools that you need. Whether you are removing or adding loose materials like fertilizers or compost to the soil, a shovel is a requisite. Besides, if you are scooping away the weeds or cleaning the dried leaves or other mulch, a shovel comes in handy.


No gardening toolkit is complete without a spade! You need it for digging, dividing shrubs, trenching, leveling the ground, edging your lawns, and more. Spades are true garden workhorses and help in moving small heaps of dirt from one portion of the garden to another. They come with short or long handles. Longer handles, though heavier, offer better leverage. While the upfront investment might make it seem pricey, it serves you well in the long run.

Garden Fork

One of the important tools in a gardener’s arsenal is the garden fork. Garden forks are multi-purpose tools that help aerate the lawns, create holes in the soil, remove stones and weeds or make the grounds soft. Compared to a spade, its sharper parts can more easily work on difficult terrain.

Gardening Gloves

While gardening could be a great hobby, in the absence of gloves, it could turn into a thorny and splintery affair. Gardening gloves are a must-have that should be durable and of good quality. Make sure the fabric is water-resistant and breathable to keep hands cool and comfortable. Besides, don’t use very bulky gloves, particularly when working with small plants or transplanting seedlings.

Final thoughts

While garden tools are certainly a requisite and serve a variety of purposes, garden furniture like patio furniture adds to the outdoor aesthetics, too. It would be an awesome idea to have some garden furniture that helps you sit and relax while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of your garden.