Rafael Left Lounge Armchair

Dhs. 44,845.00

Rafael Left Lounge Armchair with integrated coffee table

Frame: Brushed teak

Table Toop: Enamelled Lava Stone Smeraldo

Seat Cushion: (Seat + 4back)

Seat Cushion colour: Laguna

2x Back Cushion 55x55 : Carabi Rose , Hydro White

2x Back Cushion 45x45 :
Outmap Laguna

Dimension: (L) 208 (W) 110 (H) 90

-Resistance to UV rays and guarantee a long life

-Waterproof fabrics are characterized by special PVC layer, which makes them 100% waterproof

-Excellent in terms of durability, hardiness, and aesthetic appeal

-enamelled lava stone ensure exceptional hygiene

-resistance to atmospheric agents, staining, scratching and low water absorption.

-highly resistant to wear and tear and differences in temperature