Swing by Patrick Norguet -( Back end modular right)

Dhs. 24,315.00 Dhs. 24,300.00

 Swing Swing by Patrick Norguet - (Back end modular right)

Fabric colour: Nature Grey

Cushion: (seat+3 back)

Cushion Colour: Nature grey

Dimension: (L) 162 (W) 83 (H) 77


-Resistance to UV rays and guarantee a long life

-Waterproof fabrics are characterized by special PVC layer, which

makes them 100% waterproof


-Excellent in terms of durability, hardiness, and aesthetic appeal


-Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal

-a lightweight nature and suitable for manufacturing furniture

-is coloured using powder coating

-offers good resistance to corrosion